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Poop Man is a character created by Albert in the video 'Her Roblox POOP came to life and her Mom didn't believe her!'


Poop Man is a sentient poop which debuted in 'Her Roblox POOP came to life and her Mom didn't believe her!' He is summoned whenever someone uses the toilet, and he uses a knife to kill whoever pooped him out. Throughout the video he would put poop decals on the walls and play fart sounds in-game. Towards the end of the video, he placed a Subspace Tripmine on the toilet and convinced two roleplayers to pretend to use the bathroom, causing them to trigger the mine and explode when they tried to do so. Albert closed off the video by retiring the hat of Poop Man, signing out of that role forever.


As Albert himself described, Poop Man's anatomy is "a floating group of turds that have met each other through time and space and gravity" like how the planets orbit around the sun. On top of that, he has a chill face.


  • Poop Man was made on the admin account geanaSHUTUPSCDFIOJKN in the game Life in Paradise.
  • He'd get especially angry if someone tried to wipe him away.
  • He suggests the existence of a Poop Woman, and wonders if she's hot or "burning".