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"I want to squeeze poop through my fingers" -pizzaonmychest to ANZILA

Pizzaonmychest was a trolling account made by Albert.


Pizzaonmychest debuted in ANNOYING EVERYONE in ROBLOX when she was Robloxian Highschool and making fun of a what appeared to be a fat person wearing a waist trainer. Pizzaonmychest then goes to the club to socialize with some boys. Then she left the club and decided to hang out with Kittycat27709, or Alfie. Alfie asked if she was attracted to him and pizzaonmychest replies by saying that she finds him ugly and only wanted a friend. Alfie, however, seemed completely unbothered and pizzaonmychest corrects herself and says that she does like him. She then started to feel insecure about her big stomach leading Alfie to reassure her and say that it isn't big. The relationship between the two ended when pizzaonmychest died right before his eyes. Pizzaonmychest then went to a MeepCity party and was later sexually assaulted by a girl who pretended to be dying. She later asked ANZILA to draw poop on a whiteboard and said that she wants to squeeze poop through her fingers which disguts ANZILA. It lead to a huge fight between her and ANZILA with only one person on pizzaonmychest's side. She was pushed out of the door everytime she tried to get back in. After leaaving the party, she begun stalking a girl who was talking to her mom on her phone but was creeped out after she gave her a creepy smile and chased after her. Pizzaonmychest later goes back to Robloxian Highschool and makes fun of a girl by calling her Patrick star because of her pink skin. She then breaks into a couple's car and ruined the relationship as she outed the boyfriend as the father of her kid and gave birth in front of them.