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Pilot Keilly is a supporting character in the Airplane 2 Roblox game. She is the pilot of President Ronald's presidential jet and a secret agent.


My ROBLOX Airplane experience...[]

In the video, Albert plays the Airplane 2. In the game, Pilot Keilly is the pilot of the presidential jet. At the start of the game she warns the players to sit on their seats so they don't get hurt while the airplane does a barrel roll.

Later, the Airplane starts to get flooded with lava forcing Albert and the others players to go to the back of the Airplane. Pilot Keilly then calls them through a telephone and tells them to go the pilot cabin, which they do.

At the pilot cabin, Pilot Keilly explains the airplane is being haunted by a monster called Ronald. She explains his backstory and states Ronald can turn into any shape, meaning Ronald could be anyone. Pìlot Keilly then gives gamertayplaysroblox a gun so he can kill the monster.

After gamertayplaysroblox kills the president ronald, thinking he was a monster, president ronald's bodyguard reveals himself to be the true monster. It is then displayed a cutscene of the airplane falling down, presumably killing everyone including Pilot Keilly.


Even through Albert doesn't notice her, Pilot Keilly makes a appearance at the crowd as a kid, where she cries because of her's father death.


  • If you give a Teddy Bear to Pilot Keilly in Airplane 3, you will unlock the secret ending. The Teddy Bear can be found at General Poncho's base near the Military Aircraft.
  • She's the only female character in the Airplane Series.