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Pikachu030509 (or more notably Pika nomela) was a prominent member of a friend group. He appeared in "Roblox admin ruins her... she'll never online date again".


Pika was roleplaying as a Wizard. Albert met him in the water with his friends. Ash wanted to show her powers too. Albert made it look like Ash had powers. Pika was impressed. When Kelly cried that she didn't have any powers, Pika offered to teach her. Later they went to his house. Albert then made it collapse with him and one of the friends inside. Albert then deleted the house. The friend survived but Pika was missing. He was never seen again. He took part in the Wedge Head Incident.


He was very nice to his friends.


  • Albert showed the chat on the screen with Pika's username on it. Thus revealing it and being one of the only ones in the incident to have their usernames shown.
  • His username is based of off a pokemon called Pikachu.
  • Pika's group consisted of Ash, Kelly and Gigi.