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Pigletpepperoni was one of Albert's accounts that debuted in ROBLOX FASHION SHOW GOES HORRIBLE. He used to be a model in Fashion Frenzy before going to prison. In one of the rounds, the category was spooky and when going on the runway, pigletpepperoni was seen rubbing his bare chest in front of the audience. He later notices that the chat was filled with Spanish speaking people and tried to fit in by spamming "espanol". Pigletpepperoni then got some money to choose his runway song - that being Ear Exploder 90,000, as Ear Exploder 9000 was content deleted. The people were jarred by Ear Exploder. In a new round, the category was Princess or King and pigletpepperoni decided to crossdress as a princess in suggestive clothes. However, he didn't do too well in said round and realized that being a stripper wasn't good enough. In another round, he is fully nude but gets last place. He then joined a different server where most people were speaking Spanish and pigletpepperoni made a friend. Pigletpepperoni was later seen having intercourse with a bear on the runway, as the category was mismatched. Him and the bear were a mismatched couple, but were still happy together. It didn't take long for him to be sent to prison for the crime of bestiality. He lived the rest of his life there while being tortured by an officer.