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- phoenixguiterrez


phoenixguiterrez was a Roblox player who was playing ⛏️Mineverse! 🗺️ [Beta!], with Albert who was currently trying to create a new building. Making his main appearance in Roblox minecraft lol, where he says, "AM CREATE NEW", when Albert (as mrflimflam) encounters him for the first time. Albert responds, "Not on my watch", but notices he has a diamond sword, prompting him to ask if there are gamepasses in the game. As he looks, someone kills him, to his dismay. As vengeance, mrflimflam griefs the house by breaking all the glass. When he sees him again, phoenixguiterrez says, "AM NOT KILL" to his friends, but mrflimflam goes and kills him with the iron sword. He tries to run away, but his friend kills him right after. Right after, Albert decides to pull out the autoclicker, which he then uses on phoenixguiterrez, propelling him away and causing him to run away. Later on, he finds him again, which phoenixguiterrez kills him. Albert complains that he said earlier, "AM NOT KILL", and he had believed his lies. However, while Albert tries to formulate a plan to get back at phoenix and his friends, but when night comes, he leaves the game, which Albert doesn't notice at all, still thinking he's in the game. After he finds the catacombs, he takes a diarrhea break and when he comes back, he is disappointed to see that phoenixguiterrez had left the game, which Albert sent a friend request to get revenge someday.


  • During the video, phoenixguiterrez wears cool free tux (now taken down), chainsaw man pants (bloody diarrhea pants as said by Albert, also taken down), the Encierro cap, and the Roblox Boy body. He also had the Winning Smile face.
  • Today, he wears the Brown Hair, the Man face, the Roblox Man body, and the standard Roblox shirt and pants. He is currently inactive as of today.


  • He hasn't accepted mrflimflam's friend request as of today.
  • He is also currently in MeganPlay's group as well as Flamingo's group.
  • During the video, Albert pronounced his name as Phoenix Gutierrez, even though the last name was Guiterrez.