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"He was like a father to me.."
— Whenever one of PewDiePie's pets die in his MINECRAFT EPIC series.

Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg (known online as PewDiePie, formely Pewdie) is a YouTuber who debuts in Roblox keeps banning everyone...


Felix is an internet celebrity who is one of the most subscribed channels in YouTube. He started YouTube on a now inactive account called Pewdie, but eventually switched to his current channel, PewDiePie where he made his first video which was a Minecraft video. In 2011, he was dating (and is now married to) another person named Marzia who frequently appeared in his videos and eventually they got married in 2019. He also has 2 (formerly 3) dogs named Edgar and Maya and a deceased one named Ynk. He also has a Minecraft series called MINECRAFT EPIC where he plays Minecraft.

Involvement with Albert[]

In February of 2019, PewDiePie started a live stream where he played Roblox in an effort to stop T-Series from overtaking him in subscribers. During the live-stream, he plays a "Guess the Youtuber" game where he tries to guess the YouTubers. He then finds one with the profile picture of AlbertsStuff but passes it because he doesn't know it. Including that, he does the same with the preceding 2, Jake and Lana. In Roblox keeps banning everyone... Albert takes note that he was in PewDiePie's livestream and talks about it on Twitter. He eventually starts talking about why PewDiePie got banned and how he thought it was pretty undeserving. After he talks about PewDiePie's ban, he plays game that were banned but aren't.


  • Roblox keeps banning everyone...


  • He has played Roblox in the past two times.
  • He is the most subscribed channel run by an individual person.