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Pee Man is a character created by Albert in Roblox bullies VOTED ME OFF for being TOO GROSS....


Pee man in Kool Aid Form

Pee Man In Kool-Aid Form

Pee Man is one of Albert's personas he uses in Roblox bullies VOTED ME OFF for being TOO GROSS... In the episode, Albert introduces himself as Pee Man while playing Survivor. He was on the look out for people that like him so he could eliminate them (because he was playing on MrFlimFlam.) Eventually, Pee Man causes some drama and even makes 2 sisters fight. Later in the episode, Pee Man is eliminated so Albert ends the video. Also Pee Man is an internet meme. I WANT PEE MAN TO PEE ON ME.



  • This is the only time Albert changed his username to make a persona, because of the Roblox Account verification.
  • This is the second character to intentionally make drama and spread it, the first being Jeff_Survivor.
  • Pee man was based of the Kool aid man. But yellow.