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Peach is a dog that Kirsten got for Albert.


In November of 2019, Kirsten (Albert's girlfriend) was going to get him a dog for himself which is a Pomsky similar to Bedrock. However, Peach was not adopted until December 21st, 2019 where she was picked up by the two. When they got home, Bedrock seemed to really like Peach as a new edition to the dogs. Peach also appeared in a video by Flamingo. It is named WE GOT A PUPPY! In that video, Albert presents Peach to the viewers who were unaware of Kirsten's video. After he introduces the dog, he starts to play Roblox. 

In a video by Kirsten, it is said that Peach got moved to Kirsten's family since she and Bedrock "just weren't a good match".


  • They make many Super Mario references like calling her "Princess Peach" and "Little Mushroom."