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Patrick Star is one of the many characters in Albert's Robux Obby.


Patrick Star has his classic appearance from the tv show, Spongerick is Patrick with Spongebob's skin, nothing much to say about Rich Patrick, he just has a suit.


Patrick Star was put in the game by Albert in Roblox Studio to possibly incourage people to win the obby to get robux, Albert later messes around with Patrick and made him into Spongerick. Later in the video, Patrick is seen with a suit and a suitcase, which means he has a job now. When Albert is flying around and messing people up, he accidently pulls the ground below Patrick and made him fall into the abyss, we can tell that Albert really loved Patrick, because of this line saying "NO, PATRICK!!!" What a true soul.

R.I.P Patrick Star 1999 - 2019