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"HA HA I KUKK U" papitobueno23 to JustinthePokemon1.


In AWKWARD MOMENTS IN ROBLOX, Albert was playing Murder Mystery 2 and Assassin! in his alt account called papitobueno23. Papito and a girl named shiffa1224 became enemies after she had called her "Mustard girl" because of her yellow skin and flirted with shiffa's boyfriend. She then attracts a player by the name of beastman3523, who trapped her into dating him. Papito then witnessed her boyfriend levitating and believed that he was Jesus. In a new round, beastman promised to protect papito, only to let her die in the round while he wasn't looking. As it turns out, beastman never liked papito and insulted her hair. Albert then remarked that she may not have nice hair, but she has a nice butt.

Albert then leaves Murder Mystery 2 to join Assassin. When a new round started, papito was harassed by a guest. While distracted by the guest who kept trying to kill her, another player killed papito. The guest decided to apologize to papito by kissing her on the cheek, but she doesn't forgive him. Later in a new round, papito's target is ericparson who later became papito's biggest enemy. Eric then calls her a hacker making papito play along and say she killed him with hacks. Papito then killed him in every round possible and rubs it in his face. Eric then decides to insult her appearance and made racist remarks towards her, though they both looked the same.



  • In order to advertise the Stevie Standard head, Roblox had added the head to papito's avatar.