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"thx bro"

-Paper Bag Man in a video titled "THE HAUNTED ROBLOX GUEST"

Paper Bag Man is a superhero created by scottcave who only debuts in THE HAUNTED ROBLOX GUEST


Paper Bag Man uses R6 and the DIY Egg, Eye Poppers, and Nerf Cape. He wears a paper bag shirt and the old 2013 Clown t-shirt, along with Black slacks pants.


Paper Bag Man (aka as scottcave) is a once superhero. But after he got a gun, he went on a murderous rampage, and turned into a criminal.

The first and last video he was in was THE HAUNTED ROBLOX GUEST

After that video no one knows what happened to him.


  • Gun

Like Green Screen Man, he is able to use a gun as his ability.

List of Appearance[]


  • He is the only known villain of Green Screen Man.
  • His account is most likely banned.
  • He probably lives in a cave.