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Paige is one of Albert's editors. During most of the Flamingo videos, Albert has sometimes ask her in the video to remove a certain part of the video and add something else, but due to the fact we see Flamingo asking Paige to do it, it is unlikely for her to delete it. In one of his videos, where Albert is talking about tattoos, Albert mentions that Paige has a Japanese text tattoo on her spine. In another one of the Flamingo videos, Albert mentions that he and Paige are texting, and he accidentally pulls out the text tab him and Paige are texting on and dies. Then he eats several cold burritos. She also has a YT channel called 'turnthepaige', it revolves around makeup, advice, etc.


She is currently not in a relationship. But she has an ex that is also very popular with the name Preston Blaine Arsement or best known with PrestonPlayz. Preston's youtube channel currently has over 18 million subscribers and 6 other channels...


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