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Is my Page Necessary?

You came here because you want to create a new page for the wiki, huh? Well, there are certain requirements the thing you want to create the page about has to meet in order for a page to be made on them. The requirements are as follows:

  • The subject of the page has to appear in at least one video. HOWEVER, they cannot be a background character and/or don't really have a role in the video or a page cannot be created about them. However subject of page can be put in Minor Characters page.
  • The role of said subject has to be either a main role or a minor role and they have to stand out. Characters like Earthworm SallyDemon Rat, and Green Screen Man fall under this requirement, so they qualify to have their own pages.
  • The subject of your article must have appeared in a video for at least 1 minute if it's an object
  • 1 and a half minutes if it's a character.
   There will definitely be exceptions based on how important the character/game/thing is to the video.
  • The said person/character needs to contribute to the community outside of the video they appeared in. Optional if the said character/person has social media or is followed by Albert himself.
  • The character/game/thing has to be mentioned by Albert in some way for them to be qualified for a page

How do I Write a Good Article?

These are just some general writing tips and rules that will help you write some epiccc articles for the wiki

  • Do not use the 1st person or give personal opinions. When you write for the wiki you are representing the community as a whole and giving information based on facts and real-life events. If you are uncertain if something pertains to your writing, use terminology such as “it is speculated that Cleetus is fat” and be sure to credit the individual who you received this information from. If you are unsure of the primary source of this information, you do not have to assign credit but instead credit a larger group of people for example “The grocery gang claims Cleetus is fat.” 
  • Another thing about crediting your sources, if you find information from another webpage, please give them proper credit where it is due. If you take information from the old Flamingo Wiki, put it in a “Works Cited” at the bottom of the page. If you cite a different source not originating on do an in text citation with a hyperlink, for example “Roblox is self proclaimed to be an imagination platform, where users are encouraged to design, create, and interact with whatever they can imagine.” Then add a hyperlink, I would recommend making the verb (self proclaimed) or the entire quote (an imagination platform, where users are encouraged to design, create, and interact with whatever they can imagine) a link. If you did not receive the information from a public domain (for example, a text message) leave a link to the person who quoted the information’s profile (social media, roblox profile, etc.) For example, “Temprist explains ‘I smell thanos’.” Use links to our other pages when possible 
  • For tenses, seeing that we want to provide information that is accurate to date use present tense. If you are referring to something which no longer is  occurring or existing use passed tense to refer to the person/things actions. For example “Guests where users who….” Rather then “guests are users who..” seeing that the feature is no long available.  
  • You may use similar lingo to that of channel if it does not convolute the information presented in the article or would be an obscure reference a non-flamingo viewer wouldn’t understand. We are a source for information about the channel and do not want to make readers feel like outsiders. 
  • If you want to add a personal anecdote, put it in the form of a comment on the page so your username can be seen and makes it clear that the opinion does not reflect those of the whole community. 

Adding Categories

  • Each page has to have at least 1 category added to it so that it makes it easier to find on the wiki. If your article doesnt fall under a category, make a new one that will be applicable to multiple topics. 


If you edit this wiki you agree to abide by the the guidelines above as well as the rules of the wiki. Thanks for your help, happy writing! Note: Depending on their importance, pages with less than 300 bytes will be deleted.