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P (pronounced as 'puh') was a child in the video Using Roblox admin to TAKE OVER THEIR LIFE. Her life was taken over by Albert in the game.


  • She is a baby with Blonde Straight Hair and the Smiling Girl face but when Albert steals her life it's replaced with the Woman Face.


  • She talks through her name.
  • When Albert brings her into the Boys Bathroom she is renamed Jessica cute
  • Someone role played as P. who was seen in Roblox noob thought this was a real girl


  • Mama yes
  • Mommy i'm going to bed can you go to bed with me
  • DIE (Albert)
  • they think i'm YOU (Albert)
  • yay (Albert)
  • Its time to go to school! (Albert)
  • help (Albert)
  • i got locked out (Albert)
  • hi mommy (Albert)
  • i cant talk (Albert)
  • ok (Albert)
  • im so excited (Albert)
  • school time (Albert)
  • no (Albert) PLEASE ADD MORE