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Overlord is a life-sized mannequin. She was unboxed by Albert on November 3rd, 2019, and currently resides at the back of his office.

Overlord is classified as a woman. However, she came with a male face and was first referred to as he/him.

Overlord was created in the video Albert did something terrible to Felipe...

He was killed when Albert showed off his merch drop, the Felipa head was not on it, but the body and the advertised head were burned by Albert Aretz.


  • Her arms are backwards.
  • Felipa has replaced the male head of Overlord with her own.
  • Albert has talked about burning the mannequin outside.
  • Albert ripped Overlord's legs, head and one of her arms off while dancing.
  • Albert has swapped one of her arms and legs with each other.
  • Overlord had a baby, but the baby died in the first video that he appeared.
  • Albert never named her baby.
  • Albert put the arms on backwards to make overlord weaker in case it came alive and attacked him. (probably a joke but who knows cuz albert is really scared of ghosts and stuff and if it got possessed it could see that he was making a mockery of it and kill him.)