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Online daters, also called ODers for short or online dater rats by some of Albert's videos are Roblox players who date on Roblox, usually having a family in Island Life or Life in Paradise. Online daters are the dumber and weaker variant of headless daters.

Online daters are common in Flamingo's videos.

Online daters can be seen in roleplay games, especially in Island life or Life in Paradise. Rare cases of online daters outside of Island Life or Life in Paradise is quite rare. In Roblox Break In, Albert found a naked man dating a girl.

Discovered online daters in the Flamingoverse[]

Goddson20 or whatever his name was asking for an apple

Goddson20 is a online dater because he wished for a girl but left afterwards


An unnamed naked man dating with a unamed girl on Roblox Break in.

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