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Olga is Phil's current wife, her first appearing in "THIS FOLLOWS YOU IN ROBLOX" by Flamingo and her

last appearing in "ROBLOX CHILL ELEVATOR" as an old woman.


The story of Olga and Phil's break up

Phil: Hey Olga...

Olga: Um, Yes Phil?

Phil: Olga... I think it is time, I think we need to break up

Olga: Omegad Phil I never would've expected this! I'm about to have a baby! We're about to have a baby!

Phil: Olga, I don't love you anymore!

Olga: But what about our baby?

(While saying that Albert starts to freaking laugh)

Phil: Idc

Olga: please Phil, one last kiss before I go.

Phil: Ok

Olga: Ok here comes the choo-choo train Homeboii

*Kissing ensues*

Phil: Olga. I think I forgot how much I love you.

Olga: I love you too!

(Albert starts laughing)

Phil: Kiss me on my forehead, like my mother used too!


*Kissing ensues*

Olga: Goodnight


Olga: Phil, you smell so good! Eskimo Kiss! MmMMmmmM

*More Kissing*

Olga:kills phil as an epic chill prank

From Roblox's NEW avatar UPDATE! (Worst update ever...)*

Olga in "the chill elevator"