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oconnelsean198 is one of the three roleplaying users in This Roblox JUDGE got me IN TROUBLE for NO REASON.


Currently, oconnelsean uses the full T-Rex bundle and wears the FabergEgg of the New Decade, indicating he collected all 49 eggs in the 2020 Egg Hunt. When he was shown in the video, he wore the Verified, Bonafide, Plaidafied hat, the Motherboard Visor, the Balloon Pauldrons, the Rainbow Wings of Imagination, the Innovation Security Standard Vest 2016 from the Innovation Security group, and pants named millitary from a group named Limiteds Clothing.


oconnelsean, s1ttle, and supermanthatsaog appeared in a server together and started to roleplay. When Albert joins, oconnelsean takes a minigun from his pants. He claims to have not carried a gun, despite the gun in his hands. He has a walkie talkie in his pants, which he uses to call his military friends to bring a helicopter.

The helicopter blows up the roof and picks up oconnelsean. It proceeds to zoom off into the distance. S1ttle attempts to break the helicopter with his godly powers, but misses. Regardless, he gets in the helicopter, but it flies away and he teleports back into the court. oconnelsean gets an area 51 helicopter and flies away in it. He goes to sleep, but S1ttle teleports to him and places a c4. It explodes, presumably killing oconnelsean.