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Oakeyd13 is one of the players who has been helped by Albert. She originally comes from Carrying a Roblox noob through the WHOLE OBBY


Oakeyd13 is a female, which uses the City Life Woman package and has white skin.


When Albert goes through the obby, he encountered Oakeyd13 and she has been screwing up a lot and Albert decided to help Oakey on the adventure, many fails later, Oakey somehow got out of the map and Albert tried to get her and continue going. On another obby stage, she always wanted to die for unknown reasons, so, Albert had to drive across with a car with her in it, sadly, she left as soon as Albert fell back on to the first pipe.


  • Oakey is one of the stupidest characters on the channel.
  • There is a chance she left because of rage or Connection Error for standing for too long.
  • Oakey's current avatar is a male.