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My hole is stitched shut

NurseRoy is a nurse who debuts in HOSPITAL in ROBLOX GETS INAPPROPRIATE.


NurseRoy is nurse who works in the MeepCity hospital. Roy was very inspired by doctorclump and swore to be half the doctor that he was. It is revealed that Roy previously went by Joy and worked with restoring tired Pokémon back to full health before transitioning to male and moving to MeepCity. After Roy moves to MeepCity, he adopts a meep and names him dunghole. Roy is shown to be very annoyed with how lazy dunghole can be. Roy then hears about the MeepCity parties and considers hospitalizing the people who attend them as he worries for their health. He then hears about a party called "HAVE SHEX AND HAVE A BABY WITH A HOT GIRL OR BOY". Roy thinks about helping deliver the babies in said party. He later has a conversation with a girl named loveroseice. However, Roy is not happy with her as she stole an extra penis from the MeepCity hospital. Loveroseice then smashes her keyboard and blames it on her little sister to which Roy replies to by telling her to kill her sister. When Roy tells her to return the penis, she immediately eats it whole. Roy then takes a picture of a woman giving birth for Instagram. Later, a patient died right before his eyes from unknown circumstances. Roy announces her death to a fellow nurse, which leads to an intense argument about whether the patient is dead or not with said nurse. The nurse then runs as she doesn't want to be wrong. Roy feels overworked and decides that he needed a break as he was constipated. He explains to a doctor that he can't go to the bathroom due to his anus being stitched shut. The doctor misunderstood it as him wanting to go to the bathroom during the procedure and tells him no. Roy is then led to the surgery room and is told that he is in safe hands. While waiting for the surgery to begin, Roy ponders about what dunghole usually thinks about.



"kill her"

"Return what you're holding now"

"You are dying"

"oih no"

"shes dead"

"i can not believe it"

"what do we do with the body"


"look shes gone now"

"her soul evaporated"

"Something's wrong in my tummy"

"I need help"

"I am constipated"

"I can't go to the bathroom"

"I can't poop but I really have to poop"

"My hole is stitched shut"


Roy is hardworking as well as stern and somewhat easy to get angry.


  • Roy is unsure of whether he should be in men's or women's spaces due to fear of his penis falling off.