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Noli is a Roblox myth who is one of the earliest myths in Roblox history.


"[9/5/2007] The Void Star was released to the public eye after the "Mysterious Object" event had finished. User Noli had gotten the first void star and shortly after began displaying weird behavior. Most notably in his physical appearance, in games he would corrupt everything he stood on, and emitted an odd aura. He would shut down games frequently, hack into players accounts, and edit the site. This lead to moderators swiftly terminating Noli and working on some ways to prevent an occurrence like this ever again."


Albert has hunted Noli's game in Roblox games too CREEPY to play...Albert's friend told him to go around the temple and he does what he said. After being teleported to an eerie place, text appears saying how Noli is in disapproval of what Albert just did. Eventually, the temple falls and it is nothing after that. In Roblox's evil family wants me to join them... Albert visits a new kind of family called "The Cole Family", who worship Noli as their god. Albert then tells the story about Noli and goes to the dinner he was invited at.