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NikuZ2001 (More commonly known as Niku or Niko) was a player Albert interviewed on the Island Life Show.


NikuZ2001 (/niːkoʊ/) became the second individual to be invited to the Island Life Show from Albert, with the first being Abby. Upon being teleported to the stage, Niku expressed confusion with a simple "What," to which Albert clarified that he was participating in a TV show. Niku took a seat, and Albert proceeded to pose peculiar questions to him. Niku consistently responded with "I don't know."

On the third question, inquiring about Niku's message to all the girls interested in him, Niku once again replied with "I don't know," provoking Albert's frustration. In response, Albert transformed into Big Daddy and eliminated Niku. Subsequently, Niku was not spotted again.


There isn't really anything about him that we know of.

But we could say he is a very confused person, who can't make up decisions due to always responding "I don't know"


  • He was one of the only people on the Island Life Show that we know the username of. The other being Juju.
  • He doesn’t know anything