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β€œ What do i have to do to make your #### ”
  —Neanabod. [src]  

Neanabod is a user that appeared the Roblox admin ruins her... she'll never online date again πŸ˜”.


Neanabod is an online dater in Roblox admin ruins her... she'll never online date again πŸ˜”, her name in Party in Paradise was ''U Have to be Rich'' and ''Rich''. Albert proceeded to mock her for her unkind behavior, and she was part of the the Wedge Head Incident.


When Neanabod assumed the name "U Have to Be Rich," Albert witnessed her involvement in a heated dispute with Gigi concerning Jordan and Gigi's best friend, Kelly. Amidst their altercation, Gigi leveled accusations at Neanabod, asserting that she was a gold digger, and the two disagreed on various issues. In defense of Gigi, Kelly interceded, prompting Neanabod to label her a "Karen." Neanabod further derided Kelly for her "free hair" and directed a facetious remark at Albert, addressing him as "Mr. Clean."

The situation reached a boiling point when Albert, seeking revenge, trolled Neanabod by removing her hair. She hastily retreated and sought refuge behind a sign. However, upon resetting, it was revealed that she had been bald all along. Albert utilized Btools to control her avatar, removing her limbs and changing the shape of her head to a rectangular prism, a football, and a wedge head. Neanabod insisted that he cease these actions and even went as far as to offer to date him if he complied.

Subsequently, Albert followed Neanabod to the adoption center, where she attempted to evade him. In response, Albert transformed her into a Mario head. Neanabod issued threats, claiming that her brother would hack him. Curiously, Neanabod seemed oblivious to the reasons behind the treatment she received despite her unkind behavior towards everyone.


She adorned a sleeveless, light blue shirt complemented by long arm warmers over a white tank top. A black string necklace hung loosely around her neck, and she carried a black purse on her right side. Her belt-less, light blue ripped jeans were paired with white shoes. The ensemble was topped off with her curly black hair, neatly tied up in a large bun. Yellow stars floated around her.


  • The thumbnail could be inspired by Neanabod's avatar.
  • Could be a gold digger.
  • Has a brother (presumably)


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