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Napolaen is a Roblox myth that debuts in This creepy Roblox guy showed me something disturbing....


Napolaen is a Roblox myth who started with a game called "Mutagenesis" where you run around trying to avoid twins named Jack and Jolie. It got a fairly popular status in the myth community. Only a few months later, he created "Mutagen." Albert states that he only played the game for 2 seconds and Napolaen brought him there. He starts exploring but then is joined by Napolaen. He then gives Albert a tour of the place. In his next appearance, he brings along a friend named Btuch. They have a chat, but when Albert follows a doll that leads him to a basement key. Napolaen brings him to the basement showing him the boxes that are part of a tribe. Suddenly, the lights come off and the boxes are gone. The tribe is then seen out side starting war with the house even destroying it. In the end, Napolaen blames Albert for the havoc and kicks him.


  • This creepy Roblox guy showed me something disturbing...
  • A sleepover at a disturbing Roblox house... something terrible happened


  • His myth is similar to The Smiles Family.
    • Both have deceased people that roam the house.
    • Both have 2 deceased people that are affiliated with them.
    • Both have there house burned down.
  • His name and appearance is most-likely based on the Emperor of the French, Napoleon Bonaparte.
  • He is best friends with Btuch