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Nabillera or how Albert calls him (the frog of wisdom) is a Roblox player with a frog costume. He first appeared in Roblox CAN'T REPEAT any words

First Appearance[]

Albert first found him looking at the void saying something long and unknown. when albert approached him he said the words "frog of wisom enlighten me" (wisom being a misspelled version of wisdom) the frog looked at him and started running very fast which sort of startled albert. Later on he said to the frog if he should jump off into the void. Nabillera shook his avatar no Albert then proceeded to celebrate but then the frog of wisdom jumped off. Albert lamented his loss and was guessing he was saying something related to an argument for now it is unknown for what the frog's Wisdomous words were since they were censored because he said those words before.



  • Albert believes that he went through serious topics that hurt his feelings
  • He really was wisdomous because he sacrificed himself