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n00bz_roblox was a player in the Survivor game with Albert and Kaden, who had been eliminated twice in the game.


In the game Survivor, Albert and Kaden (as BrotherZlox) ended up with Team Terra, composed of them, whitekev, Chip, and THe chiLL ooF, known as n00bz_roblox. After the first challenge, (since whitekev left the game), he was chosen to get voted out, in spite of his assumed belief on the inferiority of Chip. Although not mentioned for most of the game, he did return through Redemption (as it was the game mode), and joined the other side, with gay and your mum, as the others either defected to the other side or were voted out. Albert was confused and angry as to why he came back, as he wanted him dead. After the next challenge, THe chiLL ooF tried to convince BROSKI to change sides, as he said that they would vote her out once he and gay were gone, which Kaden said that they will take the fall for her as she is their brother. In the voting process, THe chiLL ooF was voted out once more, and he promptly quit right after during the next challenge. He currently is the founder and owner of the group The Abnormal Gaming Co, child group of the group “Noob Centeral” which was shut down on August 4th 2023. He founded this group with the help of umetshyguy and unfunny_skeleton.

THe chiLL ooF

THe chiLL ooF conversing with Chip and the two Brother Zloxs.


  • In the game, he takes on the look as seen in the image on the right, with smile faces on each part of his body.
  • Today, He is wearing The Most Epic chef costume of All time.
  • "Dont vote me"
  • "OOF"
  • "Plague doctors are just great ;-;"
  • "You i beleive"
  • "Because thats waht the plague doctors say"
  • "I BACK BrOtHeRs"
  • "Noobs versus plague doctors #### M...(didn't know what he said)"
  • "Take there source"
  • "Broski ya know when were gone they will vote you right"
  • "Gay fight"


  • He was an admin at the group Noob Centeral (before its discontinuation) and the owner of the group The Abnormal Gaming Co. and Abnormal Kitchen Co. (formerly 'Noob Centeral Kitchen')
  • Although his join date is 2019, n00bz_roblox said in his about that he started Roblox in 2016 as a guest, not making an account until 2017, which he then made this account in 2019.
  • He knows about his appearance in Flamingo's video as he has stated himself.
  • He is a big fan of cooking, so most of his friends, and people online call him "Chef" "Chef Noobz" or "noobz"