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About myths

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Albert is high ranking in The Roblox Myth Hunters, who helps study the myths.

Roblox myths are technically role-players with a story related to a myth. Myths are investigated or explored by players, who are call Myth Hunters. Roblox Myths usually have a Roblox game related to their story, which Myth Hunters can explore. In the past, Roblox players think myths are anomalies or hacker however it was widely believe that Myths are Roblox Player or Roblox group that have fictional story around it. Albert has lots of myths on his channel.

Myth hunters

Myth Hunters are players who investigate Myths. They are usually in The Roblox Myth hunting association which is a Roblox group dedicated to investigating Roblox Myths and they usually host myth hunts, which are a form of activity where groups or organizations would bring attention to certain myths and would investigate/research them further.

List of myths Albert has explored: