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i like mustard


Mustard Eaters is a term used by Albert to describe players who have a yellow face, while the rest of the body doesn't.


Mustard Eater is an ongoing meme in the Flamingo channel. Albert uses the term whenever he finds a player whose face is yellow, while the rest of the body doesn't, making it look like their face is full of mustard.  Albert makes jokes whenever he finds a Mustard Eater, such as "Mustard Eater! He LOVES mustard!"


  • in ROBLOX VR RAGDOLL Albert finds a player with a yellow face and calls him "Mustard Eater" referencing the Sunscreen Eater meme.
  • Most mustard eaters have the John package, like Sunscreen Eaters.
  • Mustard eaters aren’t very rare, but not as common as Sunscreen Eaters
  • Related to Sunscreen Eaters.