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Murder Mystery 2 is a popular roblox game that was made by Nikilis on January 18, 2014. It was originally inspired by Gmod's Murder Mystery game. It is a prequel to another game known as Murder Mystery on Roblox, but got broken by Roblox updates and was forced to be taken down. This game was mainly featured in videos by Albert for item disguise trolling, however, Nikilis added something which removed all UGC disguise items. As of now, Albert makes videos on Murder Mystery from time to time.


The main goal of the game is to stop the Murderer before they kill everybody. There are rounds every time, when a round starts, there will be 1 Sheriff and 1 Murderer, the rest of the players will be innocents. Innocents and the Sheriff have to figure out who the Murderer is and kill them. Once the Murderer is killed, Innocents win. When all innocents are killed, (Including Sheriff) the Murderer wins.

Players could vote for maps in the lobby. When a round is going on, players could spectate from the lobby and wait until the round is over to start a new one.

There is a shop, crafting, and inventory. Players could buy weapon crates in the shop and get new weapons, pets, gear, radios, coins, and gems. Crafting is for crafting weapons, or disassembling them for parts. Parts could be obtained from playing rounds. Inventory is where all of your stuff is in. You can equip, or unequip your stuff in Inventory. Players could also trade by clicking people on the leaderboard for trading. There is also a level system in the game.


Can you solve the Mystery and survive each round?

INNOCENTS: Run and hide from the Murderer. Use your detective skills to expose the Murderer. SHERIFF: Work with the Innocents; you are the only one with a weapon who can take down the Murderer. MURDERER: Eliminate EVERYONE. Don't get shot by the sheriff.

Collect and trade hundreds of knives!

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  • Albert had asked Nikilis for special commands in the game, in which Nikilis said yes and gave him the power to be Murder or Sheriff whenever he wanted when he said a certain command in chat.