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Mrwatermello4583 (known on Island Life as rich) is a player seen in I used Roblox ADMIN to trick noobs with "FREE ROBUX".


His Roblox avatar appears with Woman Torso and legs, Junkbot arms, A dark galaxy Adidas hoodie, a png of a ruby on his chest, Junkbot Hat, Jean shorts with white shoes, Cisco's Headphones, Tony's AR Glasses, and Frostee's Drone.

In the video, he roleplays as a millionaire named "'rich'". Where he appears to be wearing the entire Ten Million Robux Man package, The :3 face and an Rthro head.


Mrwatermello4583 is a player who was playing Island Life when Albert was using admin commands. In the video I used Roblox ADMIN to trick noobs with "FREE ROBUX"Albert puts down a teleporter with a sign behind it saying "STEP HERE FOR FREE CASH". But, when someone would step on it. They will be teleported to an area that looks similar to Hell

Mrwatermello4583 was the first player to go step on the button and be taken to the area, once he escaped and went back to normal life, he found his first victim, XxgalaxyxXma, Mrwatermello4583 then asked if they wanted free cash so then they could experience what he experienced, but another player that went down with Mrwatermello4583 in the area, Alexis, tries to stop him and tells XxgalaxyxXma not to go the teleporter.


  • He has an alternate page called Rich.
  • For some reason. His account got terminated and the reason was unknown