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This article is about Mrflimflim. Not to be confused with mrflimflam.

Tell Albert I'm back.
  —mrflimflim's ominous quote.  

mrflimflim is a scammer that was debuted in Roblox SCAMMER pretends to be me to SCAM YOU GUYS.


mrflimflam made a game called "die of thirst simulator." He then saw the same game on the recommended page but recreated by a user named mrflimflim. mrflimflim was telling others on his profile that he needed robux for a video while also pretending to be Albert. He also had blocked Albert so he couldn't friend or message him. As of May 21, 2020 his account has started to be active again, but it is suspected that the person behind mrflimflim is no longer actively impersonating Albert.

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