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The Mousemanjeff incident was an event which happened in I stole ROBLOX NOOB'S lives using ADMIN and ruined them.

How It Began[]

Before the Mousemanjeff Incident Begins

Before the Mousemanjeff Incident begins.

In the middle of the road, near Island Life's hospital, Mousemanjeff talks to himself. Albert follows him, invisible, and ponders why he's speaking to himself. Off-camera, Mousemanjeff morphs into Slenderman and Albert morphs into Mousemanjeff. Albert, looking like Mousemanjeff, tells him that he's "going down" and states how he's him. Mousemanjeff, confused, asks "what" and thinks nothing of it. Albert explains how he's going to slander him, yet Mousemanjeff thinks nothing off it and tells Albert to follow him. Albert stands ahead of the adoption center and says something startling, saying "hey its me mousemanjeff and im going to set the adoption center on fire". Albert walks in front of Mousemanjeff and attempts to say something, but it was sadly tagged. Mousemanjeff, once again, asks Albert to follow him.

The Incident Occurs[]

The Mousemanjeff Incident Begins

The Mousemanjeff Incident finally starts.

The Mousemanjeff Incident Continues

The rampage of the Mousemanjeff Incident continues.

The Chaos of the Mousemanjeff Incident Rises

The chaos of the Mousemanjeff Incident rises.

The Chaos of the Mousemanjeff Incident Relaxes

The storm of chaos from the Mousemanjeff Incident calms down.

Albert turns behind him and speaks to a woman behind him, stating "im mousemanjeff and you are the ugliest woman here". Mike walks up to Mousemanjeff, greeting him as "his brother". Albert tells Mike that he's Mousemanjeff and he likes him. Mike walks away, and Mousemanjeff argues back to Albert that he's Mousemanjeff. super_julz, riding a piñata, rides the piñata towards Mousemanjeff and sits still. Albert attempts to tell super_julz that he likes him, but it doesn't work. Mousemanjeff hopelessly states that he's the real one once again, but then Mousemanjeff says he's Slenderman and Albert says that Mousemanjeff is himself, then tells super_julz that he likes him. Mousemanjeff refreshes his character and appears much shorter than Albert. Albert tells Mousemanjeff to watch as Albert destroys and demolishes his reputation. Albert walks up to Jack and XowolvesoX who's riding in a car and asks Jack if he likes her. Jack walks in the car, and using building tools, Albert moves their car somewhere else and insults Jack. Albert slowly removes Jack's limbs with the building tools and Jack tells him that "You are suck", then hops away limbless with Mousemanjeff chasing him. Albert, with admin commands, forces Mousemanjeff to tell Jack "nah thats u" and then Mousemanjeff says "No I am Mousemanjeff" intertwined with his other message. Albert tells Mousemanjeff that his plan is working, and Mousemanjeff responds with saying that Albert is him, which Albert states he's the improved version of him. Albert walks up to an acorn hair and asks Mousemanjeff if he sees her. The acorn hair walks to Mousemanjeff and Albert kills her, Mousemanjeff, still confused, says that he's Albert. Albert explains how he's making fun of people and that they believe that he's doing it. Mousemanjeff asks himself if himself is Mousemanjeff, then Albert morphs everyone into Mousemanjeff and mutes all of them except Mousemanjeff, making everyone say "WE ARE MOUSEMANJEFF". Albert asks how Mousemanjeff is feeling, which he doesn't reply. Mousemanjeff leaves and Albert makes everybody say one last sentence. "ALL HAIL MOUSEMANJEFF".