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Morgenne (Now known as junk) is a Roblox myth Albert first encountered in ROBLOX'S SCARY MYSTERIES.


Morgenne is a myth who worked for G0Z at his game, "The Circus in the Sky." She eventually made her own myth game called "Frostbite" that Albert investigated in ROBLOX'S DISTURBING HOSPITAL. According to Kazdam, she is nurse who has a hatred for her patients and eventually kills her patients. They eventually met up in one video as Albert explores the hospital. Morgenne eventually retired as a myth, due to drama within the Myth Hunting Community. In ROBLOX "DOLLS"..., Albert revisits Morgenne's place "Frostbite."


  • Albert often jokes around that Morgenne is an Italian dish, mispronouncing it like "More-gee-nee" instead of Morgan (Mor-gehn).
    • However, Morgenne is in fact, not an Italian dish.
  • Morgenne is non-binary
  • Morgenne is quite the controversial myth, due to association with Kazdam.
  • Due to Morgenne's role in The Circus In The Sky, a building in the game was made for her.