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Ann I miss her i hope she is no truble
  —Mom [[src]]  

Mom is the mother of Ann, and an important protagonist in A bully story (Ann goes to school).


In 2009, Mom had brown hair, with a light blue shirt and jeans. When she is revealed to be a cop, she wears the officer uniform and has black hair. In 2017, she had blonde hair, with a gray over-shirt and jean shorts.


Mom is a caring parent. She is nice to Ann, but seemed to forget about her for a long time.


Mom sends Ann to school, where she is bullied. When Ann escapes, she is sent to jail by her dad. Mom, despite working as a cop, didn't notice Ann was in jail for eight years. When Ann was set free, Mom dyes her hair pink and cheers when Ann hits Bully's head and knocks her out.