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Molotov128 is a former member of the Grocery Gang. Not much is known about him, but he argued with Fiddlepat over ice cream sandwiches, and was present at Albert's job interview.


Albert comes back to AMAZOOK EMPLOYEE TRAINING after trying to get a job there. He sees that there is three more people with Fiddlepat one of them being Molotov128. Molotov128 and Fiddlepat are arguing over a table with ice cream sandwiches Molotov128 saying that him and Fiddlepat are in the middle of "divorce" Molotov128 also says that his mom said he could have 4 ice cream sandwiches Fiddlepat says he can only have 3 calling him an "idiot". Fiddlepat then threw Molotov128 across the room and decided to talk to Albert again instead of wasting his time with Molotov. Molotov tells Albert that him and Fiddlepat are divorced. Fiddlepat then says that him and Molotov aren't even together when Fiddlepat introduces's Albert to the staff Molotov128 says that GOOGOL CHROEM servers are short circuited Fiddlepat replies saying "that's mean" Molotov128 replies to Fiddlepat saying "YOU"RE MEAN" Molotov128 then says that him and Fiddlepat are yet again divorced Fiddlepat replies saying that they were never divorced. While Fiddlepat makes Albert fill a box full of swords Molotov says he is going to take the 4th ice cream sandwich because they're not divorced Fiddlepat again tells him not to.

Fiddlepat then says that Albert must win an ice cream sandwich argument against Molotov but the argument is just Fiddlepat and Molotov128 Albert suggests that Fiddlepat gets 3 ice cream sandwiches and Molotov also gets 3 Molotov says that mom said he can have 2 more Fiddle tells Molotov to shut up Fiddlepat calls Molotov greedy and a bully Molotov then says Fiddlepat is a bully. Fiddlepat says that Albert wants all of the ice cream sandwiches Molotov pulls out a sword saying that him and Albert must fight over ice cream sandwiches which ends up with Albert killing Molotov . Molotov respawns not following the group nor saying anything. When GOOGOL_CHROEM burns down AMAZOOK Fiddlepat says they are not hiring Albert. Albert says he did his best Fiddlepat says that his best "wasn't good enough" Molotov then calls Albert a horrible human being for that being his best.