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"YOU STOLE MY LINE" - MoLovesRainbow

MoLovesRainbow is the user who was in Albert's Rap Battles game and started the Ugly Scp Tato meme


In Flamingo's Roblox Rap Battles Video titled “literally roblox’s worst rappers ever”, she started saying ”ugly scp tato” and various forms of those words. After a while of her saying ugly scp tato, Albert started to spam it. This made her angry, and she started calling Albert a thief for stealing her line. A few months later, she announced that she had "cancer" and was in the hospital. (that little son of a gun who hacked her lied about cancer) She has since become a fan of him along with her friend TheKiller2019lol. She continues to be on ROBLOX today and even bought the merch for ugly scp tato.


MoLovesRainbow's Current Appearance is seen wearing : 💚𝘛𝘰𝘹𝘪𝘤💚 Green overalls w/ green top, Black action ponytail, City life woman face, Bubbly animation pack, and a tan skin.

MoLovesRainbow's Old Appearance is seen wearing: Smile, Chestnut Bun Hair, I <3 pizza shirt, Pink Jeans, and a grey skin.


  • She used to hate Albert for stealing her line.
  • In a group her account is in a group called "Alex's Closet" now has Ugly Scp Tato merch.
  • She is good friends with fellow user TheKiller2019lol, who was also a main character in the same video.
  • She confirmed in her bio she is aware of the meme.
  • Flamingo thinks that Molovesrainbow got hacked in one of his videos talking about his youtooz
    • This was confirmed by Mo herself. According to her, shortly after the video, someone offered robux in a game and her account was stolen, making publicity to the group Alex's closet and lying that she has cancer.
  • Mo was born in 2011 as stated in her biography of her new account MoLovesRainbows
  • Her new account is MoLovesRainbows