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"The only good part of Steven Universe was when the lesbians got married"

Miskeeping (real name, naku) is a YouTuber who is friends with Albert.


Miskeeping is the owner of the YouTube channel of the same name who started to gain traction thanks to KonekoKitten uploading this video, which got some backlash when people found out Koneko was dating a trans girl.

Naku is also a music producer and rapper who touches on topics like memes, depression, and past experiences. She makes YouTube videos about Roblox, Minecraft, or whatever she really enjoys making.

In September of 2020, KonekoKitten and Miskeeping ended their relationship after a year and a half. However, their friendship still remains stagnant, as the two are still great friends.[1]

Relationship w/ Flamingo[]

Miskeeping has confirmed that she and Albert are friends.

They both follow each other on Twitter.


  • She noticed the wiki, in this podcast.
  • Daytona Beach is where Miskeeping and KonekoKitten first met in real life.
  • She plays the ukulele.
  • She's "ironically" a furry.

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