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MineOfice123 is one of the people Albert impersonated in the video I changed my Roblox NAME to THEIRS and COPIED THEIR OUTFIT....


Albert first wanted to impersonate somebody called Souleater556 but wasn't able to because there was a souleater account with a capital i. So albert than found mineofice123 and than decided to impersonate them instead and so albert did and accidentally ruined mineofice's reputation albert felt bad about it and with the help of temprist they both tried to locate mineofice in a game to chat with him they tried a lot of things like friending one of mineofice's friends to chat about the situation. But eventually he went offline and albert was not able to fix this problem


  • After said video, he gained fame with 2000 followers. MineOfice123 acknoledged his fame himself but does not care much about it