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"I am a youtuber"

- Mimi Locks when she first meets Albert

Mimi Locks' is a minor character, who appeared in I used Roblox ADMIN to tell people their FUTURES... then made them COME TRUE.


Mimi Locks was standing in front of the green house, but then Albert came. Mimi Locks tells Albert that she's a youtuber, and then Albert tells her that he'll tell her future. Albert tells Mimi Locks that she will have millions of admirers, and then he mutes everybody except Mimi Locks. Albert, using his admin commands, forces everybody to say "I SUBSCRIBE MIMI LOCKS", then makes everyone say "WE WATCH MIMI LOCKS". Mimi Locks runs inside the red house and Albert follows her, telling her that she has millions of fans and must entertain them or else they'll unsubscribe. Mimi Locks asks how, and Albert suggests she should make them laugh. Mimi Locks walks outside with Albert, and he forces LiterallyWolfy (who's riding a piñata) that they watch Mimi Locks. Mimi Locks tells Albert that they should just watch her videos to get entertained, and then she tells Albert goodbye. This confuses Albert, and makes him make everybody say "I HATE MIMI LOCKS" and "DISLIKE MIMI LOCKS". Mimi Locks walks toward a board that displays a boombox gamepass and Albert follows her. Albert explains how she ruined her channel and that everybody unsubbed, which Mimi Locks argues back that she didn't. Albert gives everybody a sword and tells Mimi Locks that she did, and that people are having riots and killing each other because of her. Mimi Locks replies that she already has many subscribers, which Albert tells her not anymore. Mimi Locks, upset, tells Albert that she's going, and Albert replies back by executing her with a sword.