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Miked is an legendary player(as Albert himself said in his video) and a old roblox developer who got popular by creating the game: Ultimate Paintball which had over 4.6M Visits.


Miked game Ultimate Paintball was the first roblox game to reach 1M Visits(Could be wrong). He was a very respected player and even more respected developer. Sadly the account Miked was terminated because his account got hacked on April 6th, 2015. His game was featured in Albert's video: Roblox’s most famous BANNED players… where he showed a video from a decade ago where he was playing Mike's game. In the video you could also see a legendary player: Stealth Pilot (Stealth Pilot aka. ScorpioPilot as of now.Is mostly known for having a space in between his name.) playing the game too. As Albert was playing the game he asked Miked in the chat this question: ,,Why'd you get OBC then, miked?.'' The message is out of context sadly we don't see the whole chat in the video. As Albert waited for an answer he never got one which upset him.


  • As the account Miked got hacked, the hacker tried to sell his Domino crown which is now worth over 6,000,000 Robux.