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"Mickey Mouse will devour your whole entire family, limb-by-limb, *laughter*"

- Albert, as Mickey, in I became Roblox mickey mouse


Mickey Mouse was made by Walt Disney, founder of Disney Studios, and first appeared in the short, Plane Crazy, but made his public debut in the 1928 Short Film, Steamboat Willie, as a replacement for the previous Disney Mascot, Oswald the Rabbit.



Mickey Mouse is an anthropomorphic mouse who wears white gloves, red pants that have white buttons and big yellow shoes. His other traits are his big, round, goofy ears and his long, thin tail.

Siren Head[]

Siren Head Mickey is a thin, skeletal, anthropomorphic mouse with big, round, goofy ears, whiskers and sharp teeth

Video Appearances[]

I became Roblox mickey mouse[]

In I became Roblox mickey mouse, Albert played a game about the kid's cartoon "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse", where Mickey was standing right outside, happy as ever. Later on in the video, Albert went to Robloxian Highschool and tormented the other players as Siren Head Mickey.