Mexicans are a subject on which Albert uses most of the time only to either imitate what they're saying or making fun of by speaking Spanish in a wrong way. For example, when a Spanish player types "vamos a otro," Albert would likely try and speak Spanish incorrectly or try to make fun of him. Names Like Julio Julia Pabilto Pabilta Carlito Carlita And Sometimes Victor And Victoria Are Made Fun Of

History of Albert speaking Spanish


Since starting out on Unturned, Albert finds himself going to a beginner's village where he meets two players. Unfortunately, they are Spanish, so Albert uses voice chat to try and speak Spanish and later kills them. He regretted that decision when a bunch of players came over and killed him. Later on, Albert encounters a gang of 3 people in Unturned. They also speak Spanish but unfortunately, they kill Albert. Albert thinks that the gang was trying to make a plot about this by speaking Spanish. Albert then respawns, but finding out he needs to wait 906 segundos, or seconds in Spanish. He then tries to speak Spanish to a reindeer, but it ran away. Later, Albert saw gun fire at a nearby town, assuming it was a Mexican stand-off or a Brazillian stand-off.

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