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Mechanophobia is a Roblox game created to help players overcome their biggest phobias by experiencing them in-game.

On the 25th of July the game was closed to public access because the creator didn't want the game to have a huge audience. The creator might have done this because he did not want to be stressed out from constantly doing updates, due to the game being big.


The game has been relocated to a different place, as it is now outdated. This is to control the exposure brought to the game. If you still want to play, simply search Phobia on the search bar, and look for the game made by me.

If you want to play an actually good horror game, not made with toolbox scripts, then play Dark Corners, a game I help development with, and is MUCH better. (if you like Dark Deception, then play this, pretty much the same thing) Also I removed the entire "unlist your video" part of the desc because even I know that was stupid. I no longer stand by that.


Once entering the game, there will be five portals, each one leading to a level where you will have to fight a specific phobia. Inside every level you have to find a portal that looks like a red eye and, once you find and touch it, you will win the level and be teleported back to the lobby. Everytime you die in a level, you get teleported back to the start of the level.



In this level, you will have to walk through a dark maze, find three buttons and activate all of them while avoiding the "Chase" creature. Once you activate all of the buttons, you will have to find a red portal, touch it and you will win the level.


In this level you to find and activate two buttons in a maze, but there will be several creatures called "Watchers" that will try to kill you. The watchers move towards you every time you stop looking at them. Albert tried beating this level but gave up due to it being too hard.


In this game you have to walk through a dock near the ocean while avoiding an evil sailorman. To survive him, you will need to find a green portal and touch it. Once touching the green portal, you will be sent underwater. Underwater, you will have to collect a few metal pieces and then go to the green portal again. After that, just walk through the dock, find the red portal and you will win the level.


(Information unknown due to the game closing and Albert refusing to play the level).


To be Added...


  • Mechanophobia means "Fear of machines", something that has nothing to do with the game.
  • The game will be reopened once the exposure ends.
  • The portal designs were inspired by another horror game, called Dark Deception.