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Mech was an admin command in Island Life: Paradise which was used by Albert and debuted in the video titled "ROBLOX EARTHWORM SALLY ADMIN COMMANDS".


Mech wears a jacket and has one metal claw, red antlers, and black hair. Half of his face is cybernetic, and he wears a bookshelf speaker on his back.


Mech is one of the admin commands used in the video ""ROBLOX EARTHWORM SALLY ADMIN COMMANDS". He was used by Albert to chase and kill jerty759.


  • Pistol: Mech pulls out a gun and shoots where the cursor is located, instantly killing whoever it hits.
  • Laser Eyes: Unknown; not used by Albert.
  • Grab: Unknown; not used by Albert
  • Dance: Unknown; not used by Albert
  • Launch: Mech causes a small shockwave, pushing everyone nearby and then he flies into the air.


  • Albert dislikes the music played from Mech, which is dubstep.
  • Mech produces a fire particle out of his hand while using Launch.