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Mcdonut09 is a user that appears in Roblox ADMIN heaven or HECK experiment...


Mcdonut09 is seen as a very misogynistic individual, constantly harassing women and even his own girlfriend. When he gets mad his catchphrase is, "I will beat you up daily".


After he refuses to help Albert, he is sentenced to hell, only to start harassing Albert more. He starts making fun of him, and eventually threatens to "beat him up daily". Eventually, he starts calling Albert a hacker and saying, "you do not want me to get on my monster side" and start screaming. Albert acts all scared, only for him to turn into Goner and show his monster side. On September 4, 2020, his account was compromised after he played a fake adopt me game, confirmed by one of his friends.


Trigger warning, Harassment, Death Threats, Cyber-Bullying topics ahead, click "Show More" to view.

After the video came out, several accounts hating on him appeared, such as "Mcdonut09hater91", "Mcdonut09EWWW", and "mcdonut09RottedInHec".

Plus, accounts that're meant to send literal death threats to Mcdonut09 appeared, such as "mcdonut09die" and "Mcdonut09_gocomitdie" were made, following Mcdonut09.