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Sergeant Major Lieutenant Captain Commander McChillington is a supporting character in the Roblox story game (Camping game) Attack on Albert. He is a military Commander of ChillVille's military force and is often on guard duty.


McChillington is one of the guards that live inside the walls and keeps an eye on people while they go camping. He is also guardian of the fictional Albert, as he keeps trying to assure he is safe.

At the start of the game, Albert, McChillington and other players are outside the walls looking for a place to camp, when all of sudden McChillington realizes that is a bad idea as there are several Felipes (Aoa's version of Titans) out there.

Then several strong and muscly Felipes start appearing, forcing everyone to go inside the walls, where everyone is protected from the Felipes. McChillington almost gets stuck outside the walls, but miracly makes it inside them at last second. He then decides he will force players into finding fictional Albert for him as a punishment.

He and the players eventually enter the castle, but instead of finding fictional Albert, he finds a tape of fictional Albert being captured by a mysterious creature. Eventually a giant Cleetus appears and destroys the walls, allowing the evil Felipes to enter the city, then Albert, Shamrokz and McChillington are forced to evacuate.

Later, they encounter giant cleetus along with mysterious creature, but giant cleetus refuses to fight, so mysterious creature reveals himself to be Su Tart and tries to kill Albert and Shamrokz. However, after some time, Giant Cleetus picks up McChillington and throws him at Su tart, making both drown in lava.

Albert, Shamrokz and McChillington are then seen at the end of the game where fictional Albert states they are honored heroes for saving him.

FUN FACT: during Christmas chaos he is not useful and Epicly leaves people behind while people almost die, and he makes excuses to leave them :) .

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  • It is possible that McChillington is immortal, as he drowned in lava but was still in the end of the game. while Su tart died there.
  • It is possible that McChillington is based on Erwin Smith as both are important military members and both go outside the walls with their scouts.
    • However, while Erwin Smith works in the Scout Regiment, McChillington is likely part of the Military Police as he protects the king of the city.