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max15337 is a noob that appears in When Roblox noobs try to rap... *embarrassing*. Throughout the video, he is shown to have a "mental breakdown" because he and the noobs want robux. When he was on stage, Max was rapping about how he is a pro and that he is VIP. He is also notorious for one of his lines. It being "robux for noobs". Max also got mentioned one more time on Albert's tier list video in which Flamingo ranks Robux F tier. After that Albert pastes a picture of Max saying "robux for noobs". Then he says that the reason for putting Robux on F tier is because Max said that it's for noobs (referring to the image of Max from before) and ranks the picture of him on A tier.


  • "ازيك"
  • "robux for noobs"
  • "NOOB"
  • "HI NNOB"
  • "AND IM VIP"