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mattluke_brothers (Or as Albert calls them in the video Mattluke's brother) is one of the first and most focused on victims in ROBLOX RAGDOLL ENGINE appearing for most of the video, however he is replaced near the end of the video.


He is fairly talkative it seems, however he tends to talk through "😫😫😫😫😫😫" emojis and not words showing the pain he is in whenever Albert hurts him through a push or bomb. Not much is known about his true personality however he seems to not care about friends, or at least Albert.


  • He seems to be a fan of Transformers as shown by his only favorite game titled "Transformers Chapter Two Final".
  • Of all of Alberts victims, he is one that Albert had no reason to mess with, outside of being a bacon hair.
  • Of all the normal player victims of Alberts videos, he has some of the longest screen time, if you count his chat that Albert points out in the video.
  • His supposed favorite game, "Transformers Chapter Two Final", was changed to "Demon Slayer Game in PROGRESS".