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mathildepigen7 was a Roblox user who played ESCAPE SLENDERMAN OBBY that Albert made as a troll game against noobs, known for saying something very complicated.


In Flamingo's video where he puts Ro-Bio viruses in players while they're playing an obby, he trolls many players including this player, named mathildepigen7, who he shoots with firing rockets. While ObbyDOER12222 (Albert) laughs at her saying that he is better, she says:

"Spiller to fortnight electrolytes I fortnight elements in the front".

Albert is shocked and worried, saying "How could you say that to me?" Rereading it, he demands her to speak those words again, along with shooting her with more rockets, but she doesn't say anything after.


Only appearing in this video, her avatar was how she looks like right here in the image to the right. Since then, she changed her avatar, but she hasn't played Roblox since February 2021.

Today, she wears the Cinnamon Hair, the Know-It-All Grin, the Kaytraine-trøje shirt, and the High wasted Ripped Jeans. She also wears the Holiday Crown on her head.


  • Based on her joining a group called Team Kaytraine, which is Danish in its language, it can be seen that she most likely speaks that language. It could also explain why she had said those words.